Geosynthetic materials include a broad range of polymers and other materials which are increasingly used to provide economic solutions in a variety of civil engineering applications.


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Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) engineered geomembranes are highly UV stabilized and are used extensively in municipal water containment applications as floating covers and liners. CSPE covers and liners offer excellent long term weathering properties, and are available with supported scrims.

Recommended Applications:


CSPE 45 mils 3 Ply Liner+
Test ASTM Test Method Minimum Requirement
Thickness (Average) D751 45 mils(1.14mm) total*
    11 mils (0.28mm) over scrim
Tensile Strength at break (two directions, parallel and perpendicular to reinforcing scrim) D751 Grab method 250 lbs
Elongation at Break D751 Method A Procedure 1 350 psi
    2413 kPa
Puncture Resistance FTMS 101B Method 2031 200 lbs
    91 kgf
Bonded Seam Strength D751 Modified (12 in/min) 225 lbs
    102 kgf
Ply Adhesion D413 Machine Method, Type A (12 in/min) 8 lbs
    3.6 kgf
Ozone Resistance D1149, 3mm Bent Loop, 100 pphm, 40°, 7 days No Cracking
Low Temperature Resistance D2136, 1/8 in Mandrel, 4 hrs (-40°C) 1% Max
UV Resistance EMMAQUA Accelerated Weathering to E838 for 3 million Langleys No Surface Cracking or Crazing

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