Geosynthetic materials include a broad range of polymers and other materials which are increasingly used to provide economic solutions in a variety of civil engineering applications.


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Although of very similar configuration to geogrids, geonets are not installed for reinforcing purposes but rather for their in-plane drainage capabilities, which depends on the thickness of the ribs and their capillarity. They are frequently bonded with one or two layers of geofabric on each side (and are therefore often referred to as drainage geocomposites) or can be used sandwiched between two geomembranes. The geotextile/membrane stop the soil clogging the grid-like openings and reducing the drainage performance.

Geonets can be used in landfill applications within drainage layers, to drain away infiltrating water and leachate, and within the gas collection layer, to transmit gas to collection points. Geonets can also be used as wall, slope or roof drainage systems, under structures such as embankments and roads to drain away groundwater and contribute to stability of the structure and resistance to frost.

Drainage Geocomposit+
Characteristics Value Unit Standard
Polymer High Density Polyethylene (HPDE)    
Carrbon black 1.2 -2.5 % ASTM - D 1603
Density >0.94 g / cmᶟ ASTM - D 1505
Thickness at 2 kPa /200 kPa 5.4 / 5.1 mm ISO 9863-1
Geotextile Filtration      
Polymer Polypropylene (PP)    
Mass per unit area 200 g /m² ISO 9864
Cone Drop 23 mm ISO 13433
CBR 2.5 kN ISO 12236
Waterflow normal to the plane 40 1 m²s ISO 11058
Opening size 70 µm ISO 12956
Drainage Geocomposit      
Mass per unit area 1,180 g / m² ISO 9864
Thickness at 2kPa / 200 kPa 6.3 /5.7 mm ISO 9863-1
Peak tensile strength (RT MAX), MD/CD 25 / 20 kN/m ISO 10319
Elongation at break, MD/CD 40 / 50 % ISO 10319
Flow Capacity in their plane, MD   I/m·s ISO 12958 ⁽¹⁾
I =1.0 σ= 100kPa 0.74  
σ= 200kPa 0.65  
σ= 500kPa 0.45  
σ= 800kPa 0.3  

Typical roll sizes are 3.7 meters-wide.
has 10cm overlap at each side; which eases installation and prevents soil intrusion.
This product has to be covered within 14 days post installation

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