Geosynthetic materials include a broad range of polymers and other materials which are increasingly used to provide economic solutions in a variety of civil engineering applications.


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PVC is one of the most workable of all Geomembrane materials. Panels up to 2000 m² in area can be pre-fabricated and transported to site for installation. PVC offers superior puncture resistance and withstands contact with strong acidic or caustic substances. Applications include leach pads, dams, ponds, residue areas, tanks and ornamental landscape watercourses.

PVC membranes are particularly suited to applications where off-site fabrication is possible, when surface preparations are less than ideal and the geomembrane material is not exposed to ultra violet radiation for a lengthy period.

It is not recommended in organic or hydrocarbon applications in ponds or tanks containing marine life or where full exposure to sunlight over long periods is expected.

Recommended Applications:


Jaylon 0.45mm PVC+
Item Test Result Test Method 
Thickness 0.45mm ASTM-D374 -C
Specific Gravity 1.249 ASTM-D792
Tensile Strength (Kgf/mm²) MD : 2.17 ASTM-D882
  CD :  2.14
Elongation (%) MD : 214 ASTM-D882
  CD : 230
100% Modulus MD : 0.91 ASTM-D882
  CD : 0.84
Tear Strength MD : 6.05 ASTM-D1004
  CD : 6.38
Dimensional Stability MD : -0.9 DIN 53377
  CD : +0.7
Jaylon 0.75mm PVC+
Item Test Result Test Method 
Thickness 0.75mm ASTM-D374 -C
Specific Gravity 1.226 ASTM-D792
Tensile Strength (Kgf/mm²) MD : 1.94 ASTM-D882
  CD :  1.88
Elongation (%) MD : 247 ASTM-D882
  CD : 257
100% Modulus MD : 0.73 ASTM-D882
  CD : 0.68
Tear Strength MD : 5.71 ASTM-D1004
  CD : 5.87
Dimensional Stability MD : -0.6 DIN 53377
  CD : +0.4

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