Geosynthetic materials include a broad range of polymers and other materials which are increasingly used to provide economic solutions in a variety of civil engineering applications.
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LLDPE liners are the ideal choice for applications requiring significant material flexibility, in addition to strength and durability.

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PVC is one of the most workable of all Geomembrane materials. Panels up to 2000 m² in area can be pre-fabricated and transported to site for installation.

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EPDM sheeting is one of the most versatile types of rubber sheeting and is the most suitable for outdoor applications. It is highly resistant to ageing, even when exposed to the most aggressive external conditions.

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Geotextiles are woven, matted or knitted products constructed from synthetic fibres which are not susceptible to biodegradation.

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Chlorosulfonated Polyethylene (CSPE) engineered geomembranes are highly UV stabilized and are used extensively in municipal water containment applications as floating covers and liners.

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