Geosynthetic materials include a broad range of polymers and other materials which are increasingly used to provide economic solutions in a variety of civil engineering applications.
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Reinforced Polypropylene (RfPP) Geomembrane is a heat-weldable polyester reinforced sheet designed for floating covers and liners in potable and industrial water containment applications.

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Geosynthetic Clay Liners are factory fabricated, thin layers of naturally occurring bentonite clay, generally sandwiched between two geotextiles, or alternatively bonded to a geomembrane.

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Although of very similar configuration to geogrids, geonets are not installed for reinforcing purposes but rather for their in-plane drainage capabilities, which depends on the thickness of the ribs and their capillarity.

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HDPE offers excellent ultra-violet resistance, wide-ranging chemical resistance and because of its sheet width can be cost effective over large areas.

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