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Greenhouse Film - ARMAFilm

Greenhouse film (greenhouse plastic) sustains valuable crops in an ideal environment, protecting them from temperature extremes, UV and wind damage. These specialty films have been developed after many years of research and are available in a variety of material compositions. Jaylon also stocks greenhouse accessories.

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Bird Netting - ARMANet

Jaylon's ARMANet bird net is a premium quality drop-over net that can be used as a temporary or permanent canopy for crop protection.

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Garden Insect Mesh

Garden insect mesh / fruit fly netting is especially manufactured to keep small insects out of valuable crops, minimising the risk of crop losses.

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ShadeGrip® was designed for woven and knitted shade cloths up to 1.2mm thickness.

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ARMAMat Weed Matting

Jaylon ARMAMat weed matting is a strong woven polypropylene fabric that is used extensively in nurseries, landscaping, commercial, horticultural and domestic gardens.

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