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Jaylon Shadecloth - Protecting Australia

Shadecloth is one of the best and easiest ways to protect against ultra violet radiation. Most forms of shadecloth can reduce ultra violet exposure by up to 75 per cent. When used in conjunction with other protective measures, such as sun-protective clothing, hats, sunglasses and sunscreen, shadecloth is the best way to provide maximum protection against ultra violet radiation. Shadecloth is also an important component in the design and creation of safe and healthy communities.

Jaylon stock a premium range of durable 90-95% UV block knitted shadecloth. Manufactured to the Australian standards using 100% monofilament, Jaylon’s fabric has a unique lock stitch pattern which creates a remarkably strong, dimensionally stable knitted shadecloth which can be used in a variety of applications, including shade sails, privacy screens and pergolas.

ARMAShade is Jaylon’s premium brand of shadecloth within the ARMA range of products and is an exceptionally durable knitted shadecloth available in 50 and 70% ultraviolet block with a choice of 2.0 or 4.0m widths with reinforced eyelet slits which allows for easy Installation.  The 4.0M widths rolls can be folded for convenient transportation.

Jaylon custom fabricates shadecloth panels in a variety of ultra violet percentages in any shape or size to suit most client requirements. Along with a standard guarantee of seven years against ultra-violet degradation and a choice of five colours, this versatile product is perfectly suited to a wide range of applications.


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ARMAShade is Jaylons premium range of Shadecloth

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