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Jaylon stocks a premium range of durable knitted shadecloth. Manufactured using 100% monofilament, the fabric has a unique three-way lock stitch construction which creates a remarkably strong, dimensionally stable knitted shadecloth which can be used in a variety of applications.

It is used as a shade sail domestically and for crop protection in the horticultural and agricultural industry. It’s also used for general weather protection from Australia’s hash ultra violet rays and from rain, hail and wind.

Features of Kitted Shadecloth

UV Resistant

Resistant to most horticultural chemicals

Reinforced salvage edge

The open lockstitch is designed to reduce heat build-up and wind speed inside structures

Knitted shadecloth offers a longer lifespan expectancy than woven shadecloth.

Jaylon’s knitted shadecloth comes in a variety of colours (refer to our colour charts) allowing for custom made applications for sporting events and other outdoor activities.

Amarshade 50 & 70 including Amarmesh come with reinforced eyelet slits on the top and bottom edges for ease of securing to a post or rail.

Shadecloth Percentages

Jaylon’s shadecloth is available in a variety of densities, which are referred to as “percentages” this allows you to choose the amount of sunlight penetration you require. For vegetable growers a percentage of 30-50% would be ideal, while 80-95% would be recommended for sheltering people or animals.

Recommended applications would be:

30 – 50%

  • This would primarily be used for Vegetables, flowers and fruit trees.
  • Suitable for installation over a greenhouse.
  • Additional shade for plants over the hot summer months.


  • This product is widely used in greenhouse cultivation of ornamental plants.
  • Can be installed on simple support structures.
  • Shade for open poultry runs or cattle sheds.
  • Provide shade for storage and sorting facilities.


  • Protecting workers from sun radiation.
  • Shade for ornamental plant cultivation.
  • Storage and sorting facilities.
  • Shields against radiation by up to 95%.

90% - 95%

  • 90% is ideal for covering patio areas.
  • Provides ground cover and assists in preventing weeds, at the same time allowing water to penetrate.
  • Shelter for outdoor sporting activities.
  • Removable shelters, shade sails, privacy screens and pergolas

Jaylon’s shadecloth can be purchased in bulk or by the meter in a variety of widths and colours. Jaylon also offers the convenience of prefabricated shade sails and can custom make a sails or panel to suit your requirements.

Should you need any assistance in selecting the right percentage shadecloth, please contact our experienced sales team.