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Shadecloth and Shade Sail Fabrication

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With many years of experience Jaylon’s fabrication team custom fabricates a range of quality shade sails along with shadecloth products for the Horticultural industry. These include covers for greenhouses and shade houses along with shade panels that can be hemmed with brass eyelets for securing the panel to a frame. Shadecloth covers are ideal for extra protection for your nursery and horticultural crops from Australia’s harsh environment.

Jaylon can fabricate from your given dimensions shade sails from 95% commercial grade shadecloth.  We only require a finished size sketch (anchor point to anchor point dimensions) and we can fabricate a shade sail to suit. By doing the installation yourself you may save some of those hard earned dollars.

Jaylon’s sand tarpaulins are very popular for covering waste and other products during transport. They are fabricated from heavy commercial grade shadecloth and include reinforced hems and patched brass eyelets for extra tear resistance and can be custom made to suit all applications.

Whatever you requirements for shadecloth give Jaylon a call with your dimensions and we will prepare a no obligation free quote.

Below is an example of what can be achieved when you custom fabricate a shadecloth cover for your pergola.  This shadecloth cover was made from 90% charcoal shadecloth.