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Product Packaging

Card and Information Wallets - PVC

Jaylon produces a wide range of plastic wallets for various needs, such as business and credit cards, passports, lotto tickets and general information.

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CD and DVD Pockets

Jaylon stocks CD and DVD storage pockets, including double sided felt pockets suitable for inserting into ring binder folders and clear PVC pockets with a closing flap, great for product manual CD's.

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Clear Resource Pockets (Dot Pockets)

Jaylon stocks a range of clear resource dot pockets suitable for a wide range of uses such as documents, jigsaw puzzles, craft or promotional items.

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Document Wallets

We make use of a very durable material, polypropylene, which is available in a wide range of colours, both transparent and opaque to suit your corporate branding.

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Ring Metals and Accessories

Jaylon uses a wide range of accessories to embellish our products.

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