About Us

In 1948 Ernie Steinhardt, a tailor from Vienna, purchased a pre-existing business know as J & L Plastics. J & L had operated in Perth since 1945. The name “Jaylon” was derived from the original J & L name and sounded similar to a new plastic called Nylon.

With his background as a tailor, Mr Steindhardt focused Jaylon on products he was familiar with. So the early product range included raincoats, aprons, shower curtains, shower caps, mattress covers and various hospital products.

The current chief executive, Stephen Lloyd, is the majority shareholder following his acquisition of the business in 1997. Over this period Jaylon has grown substantially, and has become a dominate force in a number of market areas including grain covers, tank liners and geomembrane installations.

Now with over 75 years of fabrication experience in coated textiles, Jaylon operates two factories in Perth and has branches in Brisbane and Melbourne. Jaylon has become the preferred partner to small and large clients across many industries, including the agriculture, mining, transportation, construction and bulk handling.

Jaylon carries a diverse stock range of sheet-plastic films and fabric, including PVC, low density polyethylene (LDPE), liner low density polyethylene (LLDPE), high density polyethylene (HDPE), polypropylene(PP) and various blended polymers to suit specific applications. This broad stockholding, and the company’s design and fabrication expertise, enable Jaylon to supply an extensive range of sheet-plastic products to many industries.

Key products for Jaylon include geosynthetic liners, tank liners, customized tarpaulins, grain covers and shadecloth items. The company also fabricates a variety of agricultural, horticultural, stationery and promotional packaging products.

Jaylon’s success over many decades has been forged through a commitment to innovation and product quality that strives to exceed client expectations.