Jaylon Supplies & Installs Dust Cover Tarpaulins in Mt Isa

Jaylon is one of Australia’s leading fabricators of tarpaulins for a diverse range of applications. The photographs (below) show customised heavy-duty tarpaulins supplied and installed for dust suppression at Glencore’s copper mine site in Mt Isa.

Jaylon supplied 7 dust suppression covers for this project that were 90m long and 20m wide. Jaylon designed the fabrication of the tarpaulins so they could be unrolled on the top of the stack with an excavator and then pulled down the slopes with attached ropes. The top of the liner was ballasted with one tonne planter bags lifted by the excavator. Trafficking on the stacks was not allowed.

These dust suppression covers were needed as the railway line from Mt Isa to Townsville was closed due to excessive rain, resulting in the stockpiled ore creating dust across the townsite.

Other Jaylon tarpaulin applications include conveyor covers, dome shelter covers, chicken curtains, truck tarpaulins, emergency services tarpaulins and general purpose tarpaulins for a multitude of other applications.

Installation of dust suppression covers.

Dust suppressions covers fully installed.

Jaylon Leads Tarpaulin Recycling Initiatives

In conjunction with major customers and research organisations, Jaylon is an industry leader in recycling initiatives for tarpaulins which have reached the end of their service life. This includes used tarpaulins and ground sheeting used by the grain industry.

This photograph shows an area of high quality asphalt paving recently laid in Jaylon’s yard. The cold-mix asphalt being laid includes a ‘biochar’ additive produced from end of life grain cover tarpaulins.

These PVC, polyproplylene, or polyethelyne tarpaulins would previously have been sent to landfills or shipped offshore.

Jaylon – Manufacturing Excellence in Australia

Jaylon specialises in manufacturing custom-made products in our purpose built factory in Western Australia. A heavy focus on innovation allows Jaylon to create individual solutions for customers as well as specific pre-designed items.

Our streamlined processes allow for a reduction in waste and our strong focus on quality management ensures each product meets the high level of excellence that Jaylon is known for. We are proud to offer Australian made products to all industry sectors from large mining companies to smaller businesses. Customers trust Jaylon because of our excellent customer service and quality products.

Our range of custom manufactured products includes:

  • grain covers
  • dam liners
  • tank liners
  • tarpaulins
  • stationery & promotional packaging products
  • medical aprons and mattress & pillow covers
  • horticultural and shadecloth products.

For further details call Chris on 0437 779 934 or Jake on 0407 429 597.