Jaylon Industries Dam Liner Solution

Jaylon Industries, renowned for its expertise in dam liners, recently showcased its commitment to customer satisfaction by swiftly addressing a client’s unexpected project alteration. Originally faced with a situation where the ordered liner proved too small due to a change in scope, Jaylon responded promptly. They provided an additional prefabricated liner tailored to the new turkey nest size requirement.

In less than three days, including travel time, Jaylon deployed two highly skilled technicians to the site. Their task was to expertly weld the liners together, ensuring the final product met the client’s specifications. This seamless adaptation underscored Jaylon Industries’ dedication to delivering superior quality and responsive service in every project they undertake.


tarpARMOR™ Tarp Deployment System (TDS) – Waste 2024 at Coffs Harbour NSW

May 2024 found Jaylon once again exhibiting at the Waste 2024 conference at Coffs Harbour NSW.

With over 700 delegates in attendance from all sectors of the waste industry, this yearly event provides the perfect platform to showcase our TDS Alternative Daily Cover Systems.

The 30HS Fixed Spool System, suitable for smaller landfills and the 30XS Multi Spool model with unlimited tarp coverage ideal for larger landfills.

Jaylon’s alternative daily cover system continues to be one of the most cost-effective, time saving and environmentally friendly solutions on the market today.

The following link is from an Instagram post by Waste 2024 to an interview with Alan Liebeck from Jaylon: