Grain Storage Solutions

Over the past 20 years Jaylon has developed and enhanced ARMATuff™​PVC, ARMATuff™PP and polyethylene grain covers and ground sheeting using fabrics which have been customised to suit this demanding application. Importantly these fabrics have advanced ultra-violet stabilisation formulations to ensure a long service life in Australia’s harsh climatic conditions. Jaylon’s grain covers and ground sheets are supplied throughout Australia to grain handling organisations of all sizes, including to all of the major grain handlers.

ARMATuff™PVC and ARMATuff™PP grain covers are fabricated in Australia from only these tried and proven fabrics which are exhaustively tested by independent laboratories for each production batch. This includes testing of mechanical properties as well as accelerated weather testing.

Grain covers are available in a range of weights between 350gsm to 600gsm.

Along with developing these advanced fabrics, Jaylon has extended its involvement in grain storage & handling to become a supplier of turn-key grain storage solutions – both nationally and internationally. This includes projects undertaken in the Middle East involving turn-key installations of grain bunker kits comprising a walling system, loading equipment, grain covers, wall liner and ground sheeting.

Grain storage bunkers are an Australian developed low-cost grain storage solution now widely adopted throughout Australia as the preferred method of grain storage. This system is now also being adopted by other countries needing a low-cost solution for storage for both imported and locally produced grain. In addition to bunker grain storage solutions, Jaylon is also able to assist with alternative grain storage systems for smaller grain quantities.

For more information relating to Jaylon’s grain covers, ground sheeting and turn-key grain storage solutions please contact us on 08 9249 2088 or [email protected].


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