Grain Covers & Storage Solutions

Jaylon is an industry leader in the fabrication and supply of grain covers, ground sheets and accessory items both in Australia and internationally.

Australia is one of the world’s major grain producers. Each year, grain is harvested and temporarily stored across the country at grain-handling depots operated by a network of companies and co-operatives.

Grain storage bunkers require customised, high-performance covers to protect the grain against the elements, to contain fumigation gas while grain is awaiting transportation to clients around Australia and the world. Jaylon plays a key role in this important industry as the nation’s leading fabricator of grain covers and accessories. A choice of custom-designed PVC, polyethylene and polypropylene fabrics have been developed by Jaylon specifically for this demanding application.

Jaylon employs a stringent testing regime, ensuring superior standards of mechanical properties and ultra violet performance are met. All Jaylon fabrics have a proven track record of performance in the field over many years.

Grain covers are available with a variety of material specifications to suit the individual applications, service life requirements and local climatic conditions.

Jaylon is conscious of environmental concerns within the wheat industry and has several research initiatives underway for recycling fabrics at the end of their service life.

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