Greenhouse Film

Jaylon stocks an extensive range of greenhouse films (greenhouse plastic) which have been developed after many years of research. The production of these films uses the latest co-extrusion technology whereby three different polymers are processed into one film. and is supplied to the horticultural and agricultural industries across Australia.

Depending on the required properties, individual layer composition will vary. The result is the best quality film with optimal mechanical strength, high ultra violet (UV) stability and the required percentage of light transmission.

Jaylon ARMAFilm greenhouse film offers:

  • Quality diffused film
  • 180 micron thickness
  • Anti-fogging feature
  • Anti-drip feature
  • Ultra violet (UV) stabilised film

Jaylon also provides greenhouse accessories:

  • Aluminium channel and locking wire
  • Film repair tape
  • Heat transfer tape
  • and a cut-to-length service

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