Wind Break: ARMABarrier™

Jaylon supplies a lightweight, knitted windbreak fabric for effective and economical wind protection. It diffuses wind speed and allows air to pass through, preventing crop damage from the turbulent zone created with solid windbreak structures.

The strength and long lasting characteristics of Jaylon’s ARMABarrier windbreak makes it ideal for wind break structures around crops including vegetables, flowers, fruit orchards, vineyards, shrub and tree nurseries and as a general screening product in other areas where wind control is essential.

Jaylon can supply the ARMABarrier windbreak fabric in either green or black, with the eyelet splits on the top and bottom of the selvedge edge for ease of securing.

ARMABarrier ex-stock Perth only.

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Stock Sizes

WidthDescription – ARMABarrier WindbreakColourRoll   Size
1.0mWindbreak   with reinforced eyelet slitsBlack50m
1.0mWindbreak   with reinforced eyelet slitsGreen50m
1.83mWindbreak   with reinforced eyelet slitsBlack50m
1.83mWindbreak   with reinforced eyelet slitsGreen50m

Technical Specifications

Base Material: High density polyethylene, ultra violet stabilised
Construction: 100% Tape, lock stitch patterns
Porosity: 40.0%
Breaking Force: Length 242 Newtons, Width 286 Newtons
Tear Resistance: Length 44 Newtons, Width 535 Newtons