ARMADown is an innovative material made of polyethylene that can be placed directly over the geomembranes used to cover landfill or storage sites, in order to protect them against the potentially harmful effects of the wind. When exposed to the external elements, the geomembranes used to cover landfills or remediation sites are particularly sensitive to the continuous stresses caused by the wind, which can compromise or irreparably damage the cover itself. As expressly requested by industry professionals, ARMADown has been designed as a reliable anchoring element for geomembranes. By eliminating the wind flow, ARMADown allows the geomembrane cover to remain unaffected, even under strong wind conditions, thus providing for a more secure and longer-lasting cover. ARMADown can be prefabricated into panels up to 4000m2 in size for easy installation. ARMADown is assembled by means of sewing or heat sealing.

Our services include providing a ‘turnkey’ supply and installation package, or the supply of only the fabricated liner.

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Why Use ARMADown

  • Save valuable void space, increasing revenue with increased waste inputs
  • Fast and efficient cover deployment, reducing the timely and expensive need to deploy tonnes of soils, clays and other aggregates by mechanical equipment
  • Improved compaction rates
  • Non- taxable form of cover
  • Guaranteed source of cover
  • Contains windblown litter
  • Deters birds, vermin and scavengers
  • Improved visual, uniformed appearance
  • Aides in containment of odour
  • Assists in controlling water runoff