Weed Matting: ARMAMat™

Jaylon ARMAMat™ weed matting is a strong woven polypropylene fabric that is used extensively in nurseries, landscaping, commercial, horticultural and domestic gardens.

ARMAMat™ controls most weeds by providing a tough physical barrier and blocking the light required for weed growth.

It is ultra violet (UV) stabilised for long life, giving excellent value for money. It has 12 x 12 weave and is 100gsm.

ARMAMat™ weed matting is available in:

1.83m wide x   50.0m
0.91m wide x 100.0m
3.00m wide x 100.0m
5.00m wide x 100.0m
The 3.00m weed mat fabric has marker lines every 30cm as an aid to improved nursery layout.
Weed mat ex-stock Perth only.
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Stock Sizes

WidthDescriptionColourRoll Size
910mmARMAMat U.V. StabilisedBlack100M
1830mmARMAMat U.V. StabilisedBlack50M
3000mmARMAMat U.V. StabilisedBlack100M
5000mmARMAMat U.V. StabilisedBlack100M