LLDPE liners are the ideal choice for applications requiring significant material flexibility, in addition to strength and durability. LLDPE liners have the ability to elongate under stress, allowing them to maintain their integrity under localised differential settlement conditions without puncturing, tearing, or cracking. Combined with outstanding resistance to low temperatures and ultraviolet exposure, these liners are ideal for landfill sites and many other applications.

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SOLMAX 880-2000

LLDPE Smooth Specifications
PropertyTest MethodFrequencyUnit (Metric)Solmaz
Thickness (Min avg)ASTM D-5199Every Rollmm2.00
Thickness (Min)ASTM D-5199Every Rollmm1.8
Resin DensityASTM D-15051/Batchg/cc<0.926
Melt Index – 190/2.16 (max)ASTM D-12381/Batchg/10 min1.0
Sheet DensityASTM D-4218Every 2 Rollsg/cc<0.939
Carbon Black ContentASTM D-4218Every 2 Rolls%>2.0 / <3.0
Carbon Black DispersionASTM D 5596Every 6 RollsCategoryCat.1 /Cat.2
Oxidation Induction time (min. ave)ASTM D-38951/BatchMin.100
Tensile Properties (min. avg) (2)ASTM D-6693Every 2 Rolls
Strength at BreakkN/m56
Elongation at Break%800
2% Modulus (max.)ASTM D-5323Per FormulationkN/m840
Tear Resistance (min. avg.)ASTM D-1004Every 6 RollsN200
Puncture Resistance (min. avg.)ASTM D-4833Every 6 RollsN547
Dimensional stablilityASTM D-1204Every 6 Rolls%± 2
Multi-Axial Tensile (min.)ASTM D-5617Per Formulation%30
Oven Aging – % retained after 90 daysASTM D-5721Per Formulation
STD OIT (min. avg.)ASTM D-3895%35
HP OIT (min. avg.)ASTM D-5885%60
UV Resistance – % retained after 1600hrGRI -GM 11Per Formulation
HP-OIT (min. avg.)ASTM D-5885%35
Supply Specifications (Roll dimensions may vary ± 1%)
Roll Dimensions – Widthm6.8
Roll Dimensions – Lengthm121.9
Area (Surface/Roll)829


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