ShadeGrip® was designed for woven and knitted shade cloths up to 1.5mm thickness. Applications include pergolas, patios, gazebos, shade houses and shade enclosures. It also finds use in greenhouses and other horticultural applications. It can be attached to any supporting structure whether timber, metal or masonry.

ShadeGrip ex-stock Perth only.

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ShadeGrip® Instructions

ShadeGrip Instructions

Typical ShadeGrip® Installation

Typical ShadeGrip® Installation

Major Advantages

  • Unlike traditional methods using nails, battens, eyelets and ties that lack strength and can damage the fabric, ShadeGrip® is a continuous fastening system and extremely strong.
  • No edge preparation required.
  • Easy installation and removal of the fabric.
  • Drum tight professional finish.
  • Does not penetrate or damage the fabric.


  • Mill Finish
  • Slate Grey
  • Doeskin


Accessories for ShadeGrip® include black locking strip and insertion tool.

ShadeGrip® extrusion is available in 3.0m lengths, and ShadeGrip® locking strip is available in 1.0m lengths.

Locking Strip:                                                                                                    Insertion Tool:

V-Grip ShadeGrip spare locking keeper                                                                 V-Grip ShadeGrip insertion release tool