Stockpile Covers

Jaylon’s stockpile covers offer economical and effective protection for bulk products against wind, rain and UV damage. Jaylon offers a wide range of materials suitable for both short term and long term applications including polyethylene, polypropylene and PVC. Each of these materials offer unique characteristics in terms of weight, tear strength and UV resistance ensuring Jaylon can offer the most suitable material to meet your specific requirements.

A vital consideration for any stockpile cover is anchorage. Jaylon can offer a range of options including covers with roped edges and eyelets, Velcro fasteners, and pockets to insert weights such as chain. Jaylon can also fabricate ballast tubes and bags that can be filled on or off site

Jaylon also offers a unique anchoring system – “ARMAdown” – a wind resistant net that prevents wind uplift on the largest of stockpile covers. ARMAdown has been tested in winds up to 100kms per hour and on applications as large as 90,000m2. An added benefit of ARMAdown is it significantly slows water runoff from the cover helping water management and erosion at the base of the cover.

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